Bellis Open Day, 12-13th May 2018

Bellis garden in autumn

Bellis garden, autumn 2018

The annual Open Day at Bellis garden in subtropical Brisbane will be on Mother’s Day Weekend, 12-13th May 2018. Over 500 different climate-appropriate plants grow at Bellis for food, medicine, pesticides, to support biodiversity and including climate change-ready ornamentals.

 This is a great opportunity to visit an extraordinary 21st century cottage garden and take away ideas and inspiration for sustainable food growing and boosting beneficial biodiversity at home. 

See and experience just how much can be achieved on an ordinary suburban block and find out how you can do it too. There will be plants and books for sale.
The Perennial Poppies Inc., Queensland’s best garden club, will have volunteers staffing the gate.

This year Jerry is delighted to be joined by Dr Tim Heard, a native bee expert and entomologist ( Each day at 2.00pm, Tim will split one of Jerry’s native stingless bee hives. One hive of warm temperate-subtropical Tetragonula carbonaria and one hive of tropical-subtropical T. hockingsii will be split. If there’s enough sugarbag, you may have a chance to taste their honey. These are two of the twenty six species of native bee which visit or live at Bellis.

“Bellis is not an attempt at self-sufficiency, but it is a living example of how we can turn our Aussie backyards into an environmental advantage, without compromising our lifestyle.

 Everything growing here can be grown by an average gardener on an average income. Discover how to reduce your ecological footprint whilst reducing the cost of living.” Jerry Coleby-Williams

GARDEN ADDRESS: to be published closer to the event;

OPENING: 12th and 13th May 2018, from 9.00am to 4.30pm;

ADMISSION: $10 adults, under 18 free;


* Wear sensible shoes (stilettos and mulch don’t work);

* Prior to entry you must be prepared to disinfect the soles of your shoes in the disinfectant provided;

* Unsuitable for wheelchairs and strollers;

* No pets;

* Supervise children at all times: plant spines, chillies and euphorbia sap may cause injury;

* Nearest medical facilities: Capalaba Medical Centre, 189 Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba, QLD 4157. Saturday 8.00am – 12.00pm; Sunday 8.30am to 12.00pm, Phone: 3245 9600;

* Nearest railway station: Wynnum Station, 7 Madgwick Street, QLD 4178. Not Wynnum North Station and not Wynnum Central Station, but Wynnum Station. It’s on the Cleveland line;

* Nearest public toilets: Wynnum Esplanade, opposite ‘The Pelican’s Nest by the Bay’, 143 Wynnum Esplanade, QLD 4178;

* While you’re here, fancy joining Jerry on a garden tour? There are six place left to join Jerry and tour the gardens of Singapore, including the biennial Singapore Garden Festival, this winter from 19th to 24th July 2018. 

Some of you may have already travelled with Jerry, courtesy of The Adventure Traveller, touring Sri Lanka, Vietnam and New Zealand. The garden tour of Norway is next in June 2018.