Installing the Systems

Bellis logoCome In!

Welcome to the house – well underneath and on top of it really . ‘Bellis’ harvests rainwater, recycles sewage and creates it’s own power.

In A Nutshell

NAME: Bellis


CONSTRUCTION: Timber. Vertical joist (VJ) internal walls. High-set on wooden and metal stumps. Galvanised corrugated steel roof.

Rainwater harvesting system: 150m2 Catchment, 21,000 litre storage.
Aerated wastewater recycler with UV steriliser – no chlorine.
900w solar pv system

Appropriate Technology

These are the systems that make it happen and the uproar that attends their installation.

Don’t talk to us about plumbers…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Henderson says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how different Bellis looks today. A magnificent change from stark, hot and bare. Well done!

  2. Hi Jerry!

    So after treatment with this system, is the wastewater safe for use on food crops? What kind of maintenance is required on this system?

    (Kurrajong, NSW)

    1. Roz,
      Please read the web information your questions are answered quite clearly there.

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