false cardamon, Alpinia nutans – 06

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  1. Jude Fanton says:

    Hi Jerry. I dug up some of the rhizomes of Alpinia nutans today (while we were unearthing what looks like a cross between a potato and an elephant – some yams) and would love to know if you’ve used them in the kitchen. The leaves over rice and around fish give a lovely taste. I’m going to make fish balls with some mullet and the yams and I think I’ll ground some of the false cardamon rhizomes to add in. Can’t wait to feed you. Love, Jude Fanton

    1. Dear Jude,

      My Alpinia nutans occasionally produce pods, but the resultant spice smells so unattractive I wouldn’t add it to food. The leaves and roots are fine used as you suggest.



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