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Marigold Magic

Question I love the smell of Stinking Roger, but my neighbour says it’s a weed to get rid of. Please do tell me what use I can make of it. Kelly, Facebook

Green Potatoes: Are They Dangerous?

Question “My question is about eating potatoes that have gone green. I have cautioned at least 3 times over the past 18 months my local supermarkets who mark down the bags of green… Continue reading

Small, Sweet Cucumbers – Almost Without Effort

I enjoy trialling new crops, and this season one of the most outstanding plants at ‘Bellis’ has been the West Indian gherkin, Cucumis anguria. This trial had a shaky start, with only one… Continue reading

In Production Today – February 2012

One regular question I get asked by subtropical gardeners is what to grow during summer. Summer is when I grow the smallest range of crops. It’s not because you have to regularly control… Continue reading

Growing And Cooking Plantains (and other green bananas)

Cooked plantains are an important alternative to rice in Afro-Caribbean cuisine.

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