AEF Still Spells FAKE

The Australian Environment Foundation is a fake conservation front representing the greed of the forestry and grazing industry and the NSW Farmers Federation. Don Burke was their former figurehead president.

Don Burke is a well known Australian celebrity who blends public relations with gardening. He’s made his name through commercial gardening shows selling product. Since the demise of Burke’s Backyard TV show, Burke’s started selling ideas, encouraging us to destroy our last native forests so the stinking rich can get richer.

“I think Gunns are desperate for some kind of friendly publicity, so it’s natural that they’ll attract someone to use who’s sympathetic to the mill”, says Peter Cundall, a Tamar Valley conservationist.

Burke has previously sent a message of support to a pro-pulp mill rally held in Tasmania. Now he reckons “If Gunns came to me and wanted to build it next door I’d have it,”

Last week dust covered Brisbane’s cars, and spoiled our recently dusted television screen. This dust, also known as soil, had been wind stripped from impoverished land. Land dying of thirst and starved of organic matter. Hot, barren land. The cause is to Brisbane’s west where it has long been cleared of its protective, rainfall enhancing, soil conserving, climate cooling, living forest cover.

Is this the time to build a pulp mill? Pulp mills eat indigenous landscapes, vomit dioxins and other poisons into the environment, and then spit out toilet paper. Tasmania: shaved then flushed by the Labor/Liberal/National Coalition of the Ignorant…

South Australia is finally regulating the use of weedkillers that contaminate ground water, where that water is destined for human consumption. The drought has finally lowered Adelaide’s water storage to the point that contamination can no longer be diluted and ignored, something had to be done about the relative volumes of water to weedkiller.

Tumours are appearing on Tasmanian Devils and, suddenly, so many die they become threatened with extinction. Could we handle the news – and still drink Tassie tap water – if those tumours are linked to herbicide or 1080 contamination from Forestry Tasmania and Gunns?

It must take a lot of convincing, not to mention bamboozling, to get a state, at a time that it should be actively reducing its greenhouse emissions, to risk accelerating them.

Remember the Australian Environment Foundation? A fake formerly fronted by a face – Mr Don Burke was their second figurehead president. The AEF likes to promote itself as a ‘science’ and ‘evidence-based’ environmental movement, but these are just weasel words. The real evidence is to be found in who set up the AEF. Jennifer Marohasy ex-sugar industry spin doctor and now chief Global Warming denialist for rabid freemarket ‘think-tank’ the Institute for Public Affairs, was the founder. She drew together the forestry industry, grazing interests and the NSW Farmers Federation.

Sadly for AEF, Australian journalists realised that this was not a real environment group but a front for interests vested in the exploitation and destruction of the environment. Jennifer Marohasy soon moved aside for the better-known and less tainted former tv presenter Don Burke.

The AEF, under it’s figurehead president Don Burke, awarded an ‘environmental prize’ to Gunns. As reported below by your ABC.

The AEF is a smokescreen. It has one purpose: to confuse the non-expert into thinking that they care about the environment in exactly the same way that the tobacco industry set up various fake ‘institutes’ and ‘research foundations’ to create confusion about the links between smoking and lung cancer.

Do not to mix up the AEF with the ACF – the Australian Conservation Foundation. This similarity is, of course, intentional.

Remember that AEF spells FAKE.

Don Burke is no longer officially associated with the AEF, but he certainly seems to be up to his old tricks with Gunns. His production and public relations company is called CTC productions “Cut the Crap” – I really wish he would.

Jerry Coleby-Williams
10th October 2008