confidor = imidacloprid = colony collapse disorder – 4


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  1. Little Johnny says:

    I have a bad mealy bug problem. The local gardening service was adamant that confidor worked. I was surprised as nothing else had worked too well. I then researched the active ingredient. Wow! Confidor and it’s active ingredient are the most widely used insecticide in the world. The reason is quite scary. Unlike other poisons confidor and it’s clones are abosrbed by the plant. Insect feeds on the plant and eventually dies. Problem of course being that the poison is present in every part of the plant including the fruit you eat and the pollen collected by bees. Being a plant it takes ages for any residual poison to work out of the plants system. IMHO bees are being weakened by residual amounts of this poison in plants that are sprayed or injected with this product. The reason you don’t hear about. The usual. $$$$$$$$$

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