Review ‘Eat Your Garden’, By Leonie Shanahan

Review: ‘Eat your garden’, by Leonie Shanahan; Publisher: PI Productions Photography; ISBN 9780975217764; 2010.

“If they (children) grow it, they will eat it”.

Schools are where Australia’s gardening culture is most rapidly developing, and this is thanks to children. Why? They are generally more keenly aware of 21st century global environmental issues than many adults realise and they want a better future.

If you’re a beginner gardener or a parent and you and your child would like to learn about gardening, ‘Eat your garden’ is for you.

Successful gardens need sound foundations, and this work will become an essential daily reference for running or establishing either a school or a home vegetable garden.

This work successfully merges permaculture with organic gardening, and years of personal, practical advice from a gardener who has been involved in every aspect of school and home food growing.

The plentiful illustrations inspire and inform, the information is concise, and all the plentiful tips and tricks are easily followed. There’s even a month by month garden maintenance guide.

This is not just a ‘how to do it’ guide, it’s a Shanahan synthesis of ‘how to do it well’ and ’understanding why it matters’ guide. A valuable and refreshing read.

For further information contact Leonie Shanahan at:

Jerry Coleby-Williams
14th July 2010


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