New Botanical Stamps Uploaded

I’ve just posted a few more stamps and first day covers into my botanical stamps gallery.

I’m pleased to now include some on food security as well as other classic themes, including conservation, garden plants, fossils and Australiana…

Jerry Coleby-Williams

1st November 2012


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  1. Andrea Hudson says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I have large backyard in Dayboro with weeds such as sorrell, dandelion, cobblers pegs & nut grass all growing happily. I also found when digging about 6 months ago, pieces of fibro from what seemed to be an old shed which scared me. I was intending to create a lovely vegie patch but have since left it but trying to contain the weeds.

    I was wondering if instead of weeding, could you suggest anything which I might be able to grow over it to suppress these weeds?

    I have a lot of dirt that has been shifted from underneath the house to this area and wondering if I spread this out along with lots of mulch I could plant over the weeds? I cannot afford to get the fibro removed

    Thank you so much for your time


    1. Andrea,

      Try a sandwich mulch. There’s a video on this website – ‘soil wars’ – that shows how I smothered nutgrass and improved my topsoil.

      You must take a soil pH test (buy kit from hardware store or nursery) and use dolomite or lime to raise the pH of acidic soil to neutral. Nutgrass is weakened by neutral soil.


      1. Andrea Hudson says:

        Hi Jerry,

        Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Will go now to view the video and thank you again.


  2. Andrea Hudson says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I had a look at the soil wars and also sandwich mulch on gardening australia. My question, should I start with laying down the cardboard or the broadcasting of the mentioned seeds like oats around first.
    Thank you very much

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