Review: Edible School Gardens DVD

“If they grow it, they will eat it”, that’s Leonie Shanahan’s positive message for parents and schools. But how to get an affordable school food garden started?

Good food gardens don’t happen by chance, they result from thoughtful planning. This DVD builds on Leonie’s book ‘Eat Your Garden’, published in 2010.

If you think this sounds like hard work, just observe how easily one schoolyard is transformed from barrenness to productivity.

Observe how Leonie engages students, guides group decision making, and facilitates the installation of their own, uniquely designed food garden in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region.

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This information rich DVD is sure to inspire even the brownest principal’s thumbs and the most cautious of tutors to improve their teaching facilities by allowing their students to design, install and grow their own productive garden.

See how keenly students become absorbed in the creative process while learning about design principles.

Growing an edible landscape has never been more accessible – or fruitful.

A simple, colourful, yet comprehensive guide.

Jerry Coleby-Williams
29th August 2012


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