Mexican tree spinach, Cnidoscolus aconitifolius – 3 – Version 2

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  1. Clarence says:

    Hey mate. Where did you get this plant from? I’m in Brisbane and I’ve been looking for it for a little while now to no avail…


    1. It was a cutting, a gift from Spring Fields Garden Centre, Paradise Road, Wacol.

      1. Kevin says:

        Hi Jerry I love your show but Jerry please sell me one of these Mexican tree spinach plants. None of us can track it down mate, you can not show use these beautiful plants that we can not get mate? I am in Townsville the best place to grow it and would be over the moon to get it Jerry. I look forward to your reply, Kevin.

      2. Hi Kevin, I’m not a garden centre. Every year I sell off my surplus stock at my Open Day. It’s a perk for visitors, who come from all over Australia.

  2. Clarence says:

    Thanks Jerry. I went down there the other week and had a yarn with the bloke at Spring Fields (they’re closing down as it turns out), and unfortunately he got that plant as a one-off gift from somebody else, and he didn’t know anywhere I might be able to source any from.

    If you feel like a trade at all for a cutting at some point down the line I’d be keen as mustard…you seem to be the only person I know of who actually has this awesome plant!

    I do some volunteer work at Northey Street City Farm in the nursery there and they were saying they’d be keen to propagate it and spread it about as well if I ever manage to track down a cut of it, so I’d be happy to propagate and spread it around for others too.

    Anyway trade-wise I’ll probably have a few unusual varieties of Sweet potato soon (the purple-fleshed ones, and an interesting white clumping variety with green foliage that can apparently be used quite well in salads and stir-fries)..I’ve also got West Indian Arrowroot, Moringa olefeira seedlings, Jerusalem artichoke, and a neat USA-bred variety of Amaranth seed called “Golden Giant”, that can get apparently get almost half a kilo of grain per plant in ideal conditions. And all sorts of other obscure plants and seeds, edibles and collectibles too. Anyhow, feel free to drop me a line sometime if you’d be interested 🙂

    1. knikikk says:

      I think I have some of this in my garden from a cutting that someone gave me. I am trying to identify it so I can eat it safely. I would be happy to share a cutting. I am also trying to figure out how to keep the grasshoppers off.

      1. Clarence says:

        Hey knikikk. If you do have it that would be amazing! Can you email me at I’m in Brisbane, and I have many botanically minded friends who are very skilled at identification and very interested in growing this plant as well.

        Sorry about the many months late reply – I didn’t get any notifications :-/

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