Looking Back: Autumn Open Day at Bellis

A queue was unavoidable. Apologies!

A queue was unavoidable. Apologies!

An Open Day is a great way to get feedback from gardeners on what you’re growing and how you’re doing.

Despite the cool, showery weather, about 2,000 gardeners dropped by to check out my living larder.

All that is left to say is THANK YOU the visitor for supporting Open Gardens Australia, the not-for -profit charity that made this event possible and which supports community gardening projects with its surplus cash.

THANK YOU to the Open Gardens Australia volunteers who staffed the gate.

THANK YOU to Spring Fields Garden Centre for filling the demand for good quality and unusual plants that I do not grow and

THANK YOU to Slurp Tea for filling the refreshment gap!



spring onions, 100g;
tomatoes 200g;
chervil 50g (garnish)
tin coconut milk
one chilli 25g;
garlic 50g
diced cocoyam 300g
one vegetarian stock cube

Simmer cocoyam until soft (15-20 mins) in a large saucepan.

Lightly fry spring onion, chilli, garlic in olive oil with a teaspoonful of sesame oil. Then add tomato, cover, simmer gently for five minutes.

In a blender, liquidise fried vegetables, add coconut milk, stock cube, and then gradually add cocoyam.

Pour into the large saucepan, return to gentle heat, adding water as necessary to make soup at your preferred consistency.

Serve garnished with chervil and crusty bread rolls…

Serves three, takes 40 minutes (digging not included)

Jerry Coleby-Williams

21st May 2013