jam melon Cucumis melo amongst arrowroot Canna edulis – 07

Jam melon, Cucumis melo


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  1. Ann Johnston says:

    My jam melon plant looks more like a pumpkin vine.At first I thought it was a pumpkin that I planted I presume that it has come from a Possum dropping. I am in Parkdale Melbourne. The leaves from your picture look different, is there more than 1 type? The flowers started to come in March and six developed the possums ate three. Would like to know the best way to make a savoury spread I cannot eat sweet jams. I enjoy your segment on GA . I have been trying for the Land Cress you have so far no luck. Regards Ann Johnston

    1. Jeff Poole says:

      jam melon is pretty distinctive in the size and form of the plant and its leaves and fruit.

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