About Bellis

Bellis from George's Sustainable Lawn

Bellis from George’s Sustainable Lawn

Brisbane’s Sustainable House and Garden

Bellis is an ordinary, rather elderly Queenslander house in Brisbane’s Bayside.

Jeff Poole and Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jeff Poole and
Jerry Coleby-Williams
by Ricky Sullivan

It’s been retrofitted for sustainability by it’s owners, Jerry Coleby-Williams and Jeff Poole who were rather startled to learn that they had become suburban pioneers.

Bellis is not an attempt at self-sufficiency but an indicator of how we can turn the suburban sprawl of Australia’s cities to an environmental advantage without compromising our Australian lifestyle. We grow food, we harvest rainwater and solar energy and we treat and reuse our wastewater – all things that can be done with ease by any homeowner in Australia’s suburbs.

You’re welcome to take a look around.

Remember, sustainability is mostly about living within your means. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do a whole lot of things at once. Take small, meaningful steps that you can guarantee to carry out. The cumulative effect is what matters.

Jerry & Jeff