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Let’s Go Plant Spotting In East Timor…And How To Get Those Exotic Plant Finds Identified.

If you like discovering new and exciting plants, East Timor and the rich flora of Malesiana is just a short flight from Darwin. You can join me on my tour of East Timor, 15-25th June 2020.

Malesia is a biogeographical region consisting of East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, New Guinea and the Philippines. Its tropical flora is even more diverse than Australia’s. Earlier this year, I found this beautiful but obscure Malesian plant while escorting a gardening tour of Vietnam. How can it be identified?

Tour The North Island of New Zealand With Jerry Coleby-Williams, departing 31st October 2020

Tour The North Island of New Zealand With Jerry Coleby-Williams, departing 31st October 2020. The Adventure Traveller welcomes and encourages solo travellers. If you are travelling alone and do not wish to pay the Single Supplement for the New Zealand tour, a twin share room will be provided with a person of the same gender.

Tour East Timor With Jerry Coleby-Williams, 15-25th June 2020.

Join Kew-trained horticulturalist, conservationist and media personality Jerry Coleby-Williams on a small group tour of Timor-Leste. During this tour you will discover community agricultural flair that connects the locals to the land and engage with some of the women who are re-shaping its culture. Learn about the history of this fascinating country and explore rugged coastlines, untouched beaches and landscapes dotted with traditional mountain villages, 15-25.6.2020.

Visit The 2018 Singapore Garden Festival with Jerry Coleby-Williams

Join Kew-trained horticulturalist, conservationist, television and radio talkback gardening presenter Jerry Coleby-Williams on a small group tour of Singapore to discover its horticultural and culinary delights.

Barcaldine In Bloom: Get Gardening! Expo 2015

Two years without rain is a long time between drinks in the garden town of Barcaldine, but it’s not out of place in western Queensland’s desert uplands. With a population of under 1,400, Barcaldine’s Get Gardening Expo attracted 600 locals and tourists to celebrate the region’s best food, wine, art, plants, gardens and gardeners. Not bad for a region where even desert cacti need shade, occasional watering, and have been known to explode in summer.

Tour Sri Lanka and Singapore with Jerry Coleby-Williams, 2016

Experience the plants, landscapes, wildlife, architecture and food culture of Sri Lanka and Singapore, two strikingly different tropical island nations, touring with plantsman and conservationist, Jerry Coleby-Williams. On this special-interest, escorted tour of… Continue reading

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