Prince of Wales’ Flower

Question: I’m new to gardening in Brisbane, and I want to grow prince of Wales’ flower. Reply: I reckon prince of Wales’ feathers is one of the most beautiful of tropical ornamental vegetables. It’s often planted at Roma Street Parkland as an ornamental during the warm seasons.

Gardens Of Remembrance

Flora Mortis: Chittagong Commonwealth War Grave A selection of photographs taken when I was guided around by my friend Tanbir, in Bangladesh, July 2011.

Towards International Women’s Day

I’ve just found a snippet I wrote for the Staff Newsletter at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney in 1998… ‘The Other Sex – Towards International Women’s Day’ Despite the amount of gardening and botanical research carried out by women, their roles and influences are not shared in recorded history as well as the efforts of…

Dead Pretty

Visiting Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, was well worthwhile. The Victorian landscape influence is strong: tall evergreen trees line the older roads, beautiful floral stonework – ivy leaves, fruiting grapes and Madonna lilies are easy to find.