A Close Shave With Frost During Ongoing Drought: Winter 2007

“What a lot of weather we’re having,” was something my Great Aunt Florence, a one-time Land Army girl, and someone as softly spoken as Lady Bracknell (of ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’) used to say. And we have had a lot of interesting, weather-related events. In the Murray-Darling, irrigated horticulture usually provides 40% of Australia’s fresh…

In Production Today

We currently have an abundance of crops in production today in our 400 square metre back garden. SE Queensland’s dams are just over 80% empty, but we’ve got sufficient recycled water to garden satisfactorily in winter. And using our own recycled water means that we can still use a hose. The coffee has produced its…

Safer Solutions – Media Release

Total Environment Centre (TEC) today released the ‘Easy Guide to Organic Gardening’ at the showcase of the Integrated Sustainability Education Partnership Program. The new guide provides home gardeners with advice on how to avoid exposing themselves and their families to the harmful chemicals found in many synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides used in the garden.

Making A Hotbed

A while ago I suggested filming how to make a hotbed for TV and as the time to make one has arrived I’ve set to and planted it today. A hotbed is a traditional way of using warmth generated by composting to force vegetable and flower crops into early production during a temperate winter.

In Flower Today

This is what’s flowering in our garden during the last week of our brief subtropical autumn:

A Short Reprieve

It’s been showering with rain for the last two days, our garden receiving 34.5mm, 25mm on Tuesday and 9.5mm yesterday. That’s 4,950 litres of water in our 21,000 litre tank – about a week to a week and a half’s worth of water for household use.

Reducing Water Use… Again

We need to make further water economies at home. On the bright side the rainwater tank is just over half full, so that’s enough water for three people for four weeks sparing household use, but if we do this none can be used for gardening. The sewage system provides about 330 – 350l of recycled…

What A Difference A Day Makes

The vegetable garden is as drought-proof as it can be whilst still producing some food. In effect what follows is called water ‘demand management’ – limiting its use.

In Flower Today

The Carpenter bees and mosquitoes are back again – a sure sign of the end of spring.


A fast-food eating city apartment dweller was today caught eating food picked fresh from an organic garden in Bayside Brisbane. “I’m guilty” said Mr Andrews, perpetrator and customer service employee. First it was fresh mulberries warmed by the sun, next out popped some peas and then those really red, sweet cherry tomatoes…”

In Production Today

We currently have 43 crops in production in our 400 square metre back garden. SE Queensland’s dams are around 70% empty, but we’ve got just enough recycled water to scrape by. Due to this I’m not using any town water as yet, thanks to the few showers of rain that fell over the past few…