Honey Flora Report – May

We’re members of the Bayside Beekeepers Association, and every month they release a Honey Flora Report listing significant flowering local native plants useful for honey production. Our hives are busy harvesting pollen and… Continue reading

Queensland Minister ‘Greys’ Grey Water

Here’s an open letter I wrote to the Hon. Craig Wallace, Qld Minister for Water: Dear Minister, Re: Media Release: ‘Greywater guide gives green tips for Queensland Gardeners’, 26.4.08. A copy of your… Continue reading

Food Rationing Starts In The USA

Our federal government’s latest response to the world food crisis echoes that of its predecessor. Sadly, Australia will suffer. The world food crisis is happening because the bulk of the global food supply… Continue reading

Ontario Joins Quebec In Pesticide Ban

“Canadian province to ban garden pesticides. Canada’s Ontario province says it will ban the sale and general use of pesticides in what the province says will be among the toughest such environmental laws… Continue reading

Real Carbon Capture And Sequestration

While Australian governments state and federal, past and present, throw vast amounts of money at unproven ‘clean coal’ technology they are ignoring a proven method of pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere and… Continue reading

Bellis Gin

In autumn we make our own special liqueur which we’ve named ‘Bellis gin’. The recipe is adapted from the traditional English Sloe Gin recipe, which uses the fruit of the Sloe bush, Prunus… Continue reading

Clare’s Poem

Clare, a budding young gardener, turned up at the Gardening Australia expo early this morning for the live talkback broadcast. I hope my suggestions help her bean seedling thrive. So Clare, if you… Continue reading

Bellis On The BBC’s Radio 4

An interview will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 next week discussing the water saving aspects of ‘Bellis’. Jeff is particularly pleased as Radio 4 is the home of such favourite cultural icons… Continue reading

Wynnum Honey Flora

Honeybee health A honeybee colony housed in an organic garden should radically improve pollination (and fruit set), but flowers in one backyard are insufficient to feed a strong colony of 30 – 80,000… Continue reading

Bee Day

It’s bee day. Damo has decided to keep honeybees and I’ve agreed to be his backup. I guess I’ll be a surrogate beekeeper. They’re just settling into their new home on our water… Continue reading

Botanical Stamps

A selection collected by my parents, grandfather and me. One way for a child to learn about plants and places…and a bit of botanical latin too. There’s just one from my grandfather’s collection:… Continue reading

Water – Decisions And Dilemmas

Jerry talks about the hard decisions he’ll have to make in the productive garden if the summer rains fail again…

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