Bellis On The BBC’s Radio 4

An interview will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 next week discussing the water saving aspects of ‘Bellis’.

Jeff is particularly pleased as Radio 4 is the home of such favourite cultural icons as the Shipping Forecast and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…Yes, he can be quite strange at times.

The Sunparched Country website has an overview of the series and the many people interviewed about our record breaking drought. There’s also a gallery including our very own, very sexy, sewage system.

The BBC will be posting audio files of the series on their website for a week after broadcast. You’ll need ‘realplayer’ software to listen. Apparently it’s a free download.

We are really looking forward to getting an in-depth perspective on this drought from BBC Science. We’ve both been dismayed at the poor coverage that this first Global Warming crisis has received in the Australian Press. In fact we’ve been regularly getting better journalism about all Global Warming matters – including Australian impacts – from the BBC, the New Zealand Herald, the Guardian and Al Jazeera than most Australian news services.

Jerry Coleby-Williams
17th April 2008


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