Book Launch: ‘Love, Mary’ – A Thinking Person’s Christmas Gift

“And the lungfish moves unwittingly midst the calm of Mary’s reeds, unaware of politicians and other such damning breeds…”

The official Book Launch of ‘Love, Mary’ will be held in West End, Brisbane at ‘The Avid Reader’ bookshop on the 4th of December. I’ll be introducing the LNP’s David Gibson, MP for Gympie, and Greens MP Ronan Lee as they launch the book.

The Mary River now has its own book to share its story as one of the last remaining rivers still flowing relatively freely in south-east Queensland. Although the dam proposal has now been ‘delayed’, this book will continue the momentum of the campaign to save the Mary River, aiming to stop the proposed dam completely.

Book creators Adele Coombs and Glen Craig have designed ‘Love, Mary’ as a vibrant ‘call to arms’ which will be distributed across Australia. ‘This book tells stories of the Mary River’s endangered creatures like the lungfish and Mary River turtle alongside stories of real people from communities along the river,’ says Adele. ‘We want people to know there is far too much to lose if the proposed dam goes ahead. We are calling people across the country to stand with us to stop a destructive dam on the Mary.’

Book designer Glen Craig believes in the value of a book that can be held in the hand. ‘Although digital technology can be amazing, this is something tangible and compelling which can be touched, and can touch the heart’, says Glen. ‘It is essential that we reach people’s hearts as well as minds, in order to ask them to join with us to make sure this river keeps flowing to the sea.’

‘Love, Mary’ is written as a love letter from the Mary River, filled with stories of the river’s life-giving journey from the Sunshine Coast hinterland to the Great Sandy Strait near Fraser Island. Stunning images have been donated by photographers including Arkin Mackay, Kevin Coppalotti, Stewart Riddell and the Gympie Times. This book tells the truth about the shallow dam proposal, failed large dams and fish ways in south-east Queensland, and the Mary River’s crucial freshwater flows to the Great Sandy Strait.

Sponsorship has funded printing costs for the book, which retails for $10, and it is supported by the Save the Mary River Coordinating Group. Copies are available from the Save Mary Information Centre, phone 5488 4800, or their website

Jerry Coleby-Williams
28th November 2008


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