Kew Guild Grand Reunion Garden Party

Hakea victoria, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia
Hakea victoria, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

Thirty four years ago, I graduated at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

I’ve been asked by the President of the Kew Guild, Jim Mitchell, a fellow Australian, to make a presentation for the Grand Reunion Garden Party this coming Saturday, 7th September 2013.

For more than a century the Kew Guild has been the thread of continuity that binds present staff and students to those that have gone before. Through membership of the Guild the strong ties of friendship and professional interest that are formed at Kew can be retained and widened.

The Journal is not only an unbroken annual record of Kew and the Guild since 1893, but is also a continuing channel of information about current courses and former staff and students across the world.

So here it is, Jerry Coleby-Williams Dip. Hort. (Kew) reporting from Brisbane, Australia…

Facebook feedback:
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Christine N: I have fond memories as a child 50 years+ ago at Kew Gardens
14 hours ago via mobile

Helen H: What a wonderful presentation. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jerry.
14 hours ago

Kirsty D: Love this snapshot of your life with plants!
12 hours ago via mobile

Lee Y: I really enjoyed watching your video thank you.
12 hours ago via mobile

Maggie G: What a delightful and comprehensive presentation. I loved the early photos especially of you pushing the mower, Jerry.
11 hours ago

Jane M: Spot the Dalek.
9 hours ago

Suze R: Thank you, I so enjoyed your presentation.
5 hours ago

Professor Alan McKee: This is brilliant. You’re such a good storyteller – a vital skill and not a common one. Engaging, visually stunning and coherent. I love the way that you have the images to take the viewer directly to each period and point that you make.
Professor Alan McKee, PhD, Research Leader, School of Media, Entertainment and Creative Arts, Queensland University of Technology

4th September 2013


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  1. Terrific presentation Jerry 🙂 Haven’t you aged well! What an interesting life you have led. You were fortunate to study what you loved from such a young age and to continue growing and learning with that love.
    All the best

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