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Towards International Women’s Day

I’ve just found a snippet I wrote for the Staff Newsletter at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney in 1998… ‘The Other Sex – Towards International Women’s Day’ Despite the amount of gardening and… Continue reading

When A Gardener Considers Moving To Queensland

Sandy, a ‘Bellis’ blog reader, is buying a 5 acre property in the Samford Valley, north west of Brisbane… “I must say I was impressed by your patience in establishing the drainage and… Continue reading

Review ‘Eat Your Garden’, By Leonie Shanahan

Review: ‘Eat your garden’, by Leonie Shanahan; Publisher: PI Productions Photography; ISBN 9780975217764; 2010. “If they (children) grow it, they will eat it”. Schools are where Australia’s gardening culture is most rapidly developing,… Continue reading

Sloppy ABC Reporting Could Harm Threatened Species

Letter to the editor, ABC News on line: “Regarding ‘Unwelcome bats just won’t beat it’, mere sensational reporting isn’t journalism. This report is misleading, and factually incorrect. The presence of starving, and stressed… Continue reading

Grow Local: The 21st Century Food Garden

We’ve had a wonderful autumn here in Brisbane. Warm, sunny, moist and unusually calm weather has given me excellent growing conditions. For the first autumn since moving to Queensland in 2003, this gardener… Continue reading

The First Digger Was A Great Guerilla Gardener

360 years ago on April Fools Day, Gerrard Winstanley, became a very influential guerrilla gardener when he planted vegetables on an English hillside. The repercussions live on.

How Do I Prevent My Garden From Spreading Mosquito-Borne Diseases?

Is gardening fashion fanning ill health? Cairns City Council has increased on-the-spot fines for homeowners found to have mosquitoes breeding on their property to $400. John Pilspanen, of Queensland Health, says the disease… Continue reading

King Tides Now – Commoners By 2050

Rising sea levels have major implications for coastal gardens. Yesterday’s king tide gave us the perfect opportunity to see what will be commonplace by 2050. One corner of the world that is experiencing… Continue reading

Polar Connection

“Dear Residents of Bellis, I just discovered your web site and blogs yesterday. I’ve enjoyed making myself homesick reading them. I thought you might get a kick out of getting fan mail from… Continue reading

AEF Still Spells FAKE

Don Burke is a well known Australian celebrity who blends public relations with gardening. He’s made his name through commercial gardening shows selling product. Since the demise of Burke’s Backyard TV show, Burke’s… Continue reading

The First Day Of Crematoria

The first koel of summer has called, the first mosquito has bitten and the first dust storm has sprinkled Brisbane red ochre. While I’m out there watering, counting every drop as it falls… Continue reading

Is Duncan Street’s Nature Strip Now Safe?

Bayside residents have vowed to stop council plans to eliminate this nature strip. Subsequent media coverage by ABC Radio and Channel Ten TV on Tuesday 27th May 2008, it now appears that Brisbane… Continue reading

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