Celebrating Three Years Of Drought

Planted in September 2004 the plants in our front garden were watered for six weeks to establish them. Apart from the hedge and two potted plants, the garden hasn’t been watered since.

The hibiscus hedge is watered once every one or two weeks in dry weather, the pots weekly. The soil wasn’t conditioned: one dressing of dolomite was added and stock was planted through a layer of mushroom compost. Since planting the garden has been mulched three times, twice with pine bark, once with tea tree mulch. I’ve foliar fed it three times using seaweed.

It’s a lazy gardener’s garden – two days maintenance every four to six months keeps it looking satisfactory to a casual observer.

The last three years give gardeners a good idea of what gardening in SE Qld will be like – our new normal conditions – if we experience minimal Climate Change.

When we have time we’ll create a new webpage to update our Climate Change Flora pages which list plants suited to predicted climate change for Brisbane and SE Qld.

Is your garden ‘Climate Change Ready’?

Watch this space…

Jerry Coleby-Williams