Climate Change Flora For Brisbane

This stocktake was completed two days ago and it helps me answer some of your FAQ’s:

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Q 1. Will these plants cope with predicted Global Warming in SE Queensland?
A: Climate Change winners and losers are indicated in the comments column of the attached pdf.

Q 2. How many plants are growing in the front garden?
A: I am currently growing one hundred and twelve taxa (different plants).

Q 3. Have any died?
A: About twenty taxa have died since planting in September 2004. Most died as a result of being buried by bamboo leaves in autumn 2006. They died of neglect, not drought.

Q 4. Where are the flowers?
A: I grow flowers, but architectural plants come first as they are the bones of any garden. Currently about 61 different plants flower regularly. More will flower as they mature.

Q 5. Where are the native plants?
A: There are 21 national plants, including eight Queensland endemic species. Some Australian ‘natives’, like Psilotum nudum, don’t recognise political borders and are defiantly pantropical.

Front garden stocktake May 08

Jerry Coleby-Williams
12th May 2008


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