Sustainable House Day 2008

With a gentle nudge from ‘Bellis’, budding ‘Solar House Day’ has bloomed into ‘Sustainable House Day’…

‘Bellis’, Brisbane’s sustainable house and garden, will be part of the 7th annual Sustainable House Day. ‘Bellis’ will be open on Sunday 14th September only.

With a gentle nudge from ‘Bellis’, budding Solar House Day has bloomed into Sustainable House Day. People realise they need to reduce their use of energy and water and to reduce waste at home. People are also keen to stop talking and to start doing…but many don’t know where to start…or that home food production is an intrinsic part of sustainable living.

Other homes across the country will open so people can learn and experience the benefits of all aspects of sustainable living. These houses appear normal on the outside…it’s only when you step inside that learning begins.

There’s nothing better than talking to people who have already done it. Get motivated, become informed, and transform your home.

You can locate open houses in Queensland by clicking on this link: house locations

Ticket prices: $5 per house visited, children free.

Buy your ticket at the house – no booking required, ENTRY FREE FOR ANZSES MEMBERS!

Jerry Coleby-Williams
Patron, Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society
25th August 2008


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