Thrifty, Fertile and Illicit: 4BC Horticultural Intervention

So there I was with Noel Burdette, in the pre-dawn darkness of Brisbane’s Cannon Hill. Groggy but organised, and with only a smartly dressed security guard as a witness, we got stuck in. Long ago we’d decided that the front garden at 4BC Radio, home to the voice of Brisbane’s gardeners, needed a little buffing up.

A folding saw made quick work of pruning the Song of India (Dracaena reflex var. angustifolia) to shape. Prunings will be propagated;

Dead Lady Palm fronds (Rhapis excelsa) were removed, and are now composting;

Colour co-ordinated bromeliads were planted. We chose Aechmea blanchettiana, a lustrous, large-leaved Brazilian bromeliad with leaves the same colour as the stars above them;

A light mulch of mushroom compost added soil improving organic matter;

Lastly, a sprinkling of trace elements (aka micronutrients), iron chelates, magnesium-rich Epsom salts were watered in and around the plants using seaweed solution.

It’s one small step, but a fertile one, and in the right direction.

Jerry Coleby-Williams
22nd March 2014

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done! Loved the entertainment:-)

  2. Eva says:

    Great work Jerry. Thank you for your continued work on a sustainable future. Would love to know which micronutrients and iron chelates you use and where you get them from. Thanks Eva

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